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Google Webmaster Tools show sitelinks but the google sitelinks don't appear in the google search resulst? Why!?

Alright so a brief introduction. I am a web designer / programmer and having sites at the top of the google serps myself and for my clients I grew very excited when I learned of google sitelinks. Well I searched my webmaster tools for google sitelinks on all my sites and to my pleasure I found a site that did indeed have the miraculous little toys call google sitelinks. So as you may have already suspected I frantically went in search of what phrases displayed these nifty little links in a google search. Keyword after keyword i searched where my site displayed number 1 in the serps, and to my dismay no nifty little links anywhere to be found.

So, after a little time searching and learning the occasional fact but not really finding all the much about the topic, I made several sad discoveries.

1.) If your site does not display these google sitelink when you search something like your domain name, or company name, then odds are these links are not displaying for any search phrase.

2.) These links only display if you are the first result listed in Goolge for that particular search phrase.

3.) Just because Google webmaster tools say you have sitelinks, does not mean they are actually showing up anywhere.

Here is an example of how google sitelinks are displayed in the search results


Greyhound Bus Line Fares, schedules, and ticketing for more than 3700 destinations across North America. - Similar pages - Note this - Filter
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    What are Google Sitelinks?

    Small links that display under your normal search result in google. These links are usually the high traffic links of your site. In addition a well defined hierarchical site structure may lead to a bit of control over what links are displayed by google. These links help web surfers to navigate to the important sections of your website at a glance. Usually only sites that have a certain "internet prestige" tend to qualify for sitelinks. Older sites are generally favored by google and it is assumed these site are given presidence over younger less substantiated web sites.


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